+1, how hard is it to change the existing tests in the Kafka module to use

Different versions are IMO not an issue for the existing tests, they
already run against a fixed version (the broker is launched as part of the

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 9:59 AM, Sanjay Pujare <san...@datatorrent.com>

> Strong +1 for using embedded kafka. Found embedded servers very useful in
> ActiveMQ and SQS (ElasticMQ) unit tests. My only question/concern is how
> well can you simulate different versions of Kafka.
> On 10/13/16, 7:25 AM, "Chinmay Kolhatkar" <chin...@apache.org> wrote:
>     Dear Community,
>     While testing kafka related endpoint code for Apex-Calcite
> integration, I
>     found an interesting embedded kafka implementation over the internet
> and I
>     used it in my code.
>     The implementation is based on ready to use EmbeddedZookeer and
> KafkaServer
>     from mvn dependency kafka_2.11:
>     I found this local kafka server very stable for testing purpose. Would
> it
>     be a good addition to malhar-kafka module in test folder?
>     The EmbeddedKafka server is here:
>     https://github.com/chinmaykolhatkar/apex-malhar/
> blob/calcite/sql/src/test/java/org/apache/apex/malhar/
> sql/EmbeddedKafka.java
>     In above class, I've also added method for publishing and consume from
>     topic.
>     Please share your opinion.
>     Thanks,
>     Chinmay.

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