Hi Moctar,

late but not to late ... welcome to the project and have fun working on the Eclipse plugin. If you have any questions related to UNO, component development ... please feel free to ask me. I am still in contact with Cedric and i hope that i can help you too.


ould moctar wrote:
Hi everyBody,
Hello, my name is OULD MOHAMEDEN BABA Moctar.

I am from Mauritania and i am at the INSA IT university, in France......
I am a new member in the mailing list of the API OPENOFFICE project.

Mr. Cedric Bosdonnat recommended me to work together on the Ecplise plug-in; so i am happy to work with you as a team...

Best Regards, MOCTAR....
May I Help You on : www.babasoft.4t.com...

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