Hi Kent,

On 8/31/06, Kent Gibson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Has anyone had any success using the "New" pdf
properties programmatically?

I can't find much documenation, so I tried to use
XStore and pass in the properies, but they seem to be

This one:


is the main spec, updated July, 31st, and this attachement to issue 67578,


where I added some documentation not in spec document, especially
filter parameters related to security. These are waiting to be
embedded in more "well dressed" documentation.

I didn't check your code, but the following basic code fragments is
what I worked with:


Function MkPropVal( Optional cName As String, Optional uValue ) As
        Dim oPropertyValue As New com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
        If Not IsMissing( cName ) Then
                oPropertyValue.Name = cName
        If Not IsMissing( uValue ) Then
                oPropertyValue.Value = uValue
        MkPropVal() = oPropertyValue
End Function

Sub DoExport
' now export it
        oExpOptions = Array(_
                        MkPropVal( "FilterName", "writer_pdf_Export" ),_
                        MkPropVal( "FilterData",  oExpFilterOptions )_

        oDoc = ThisComponent
        aURL = oDoc.getLocation()
        aURL = aURL + "-macro.pdf" ' add a pdf file type
' Save the document in the new destination format.
        oDoc.storeToURL( aURL, oExpOptions )
end sub

Sub CheckPDFFilterProperties()
' test the filter properties, using the current document as document
' to export
' prepare export filter options, specify only the different from default
' if the options is not specified the application default will be used
' if no filter option is given (e.g. no FilterData property), the last
user setting will be used
' see spec for details
' to test: get the name from the specification (or manual ?)
' from their name build a property array
' check the value of any of them and see in acro reader how they behave
' the following is a test setting
        oExpFilterOptions = Array(_
                MkPropVal( "InitialView", 0 ),_
                MkPropVal( "PageLayout",  0 ),_
                MkPropVal( "UseTaggedPDF",  False ),_
                MkPropVal( "EncryptFile",  True ),_
                MkPropVal( "DocumentOpenPassword",  "open" ),_
                MkPropVal( "RestrictPermissions", True ),_
                MkPropVal( "PermissionPassword",  "permission" ),_
                MkPropVal( "Printing",  24 ),_
                MkPropVal( "Changes", 4  ),_
                MkPropVal( "EnableCopyingOfContent",  True ),_
                MkPropVal( "EnableTextAccessForAccessibilityTools", True  )_
End Sub

Sub Main

'the following four call are for text

End Sub

'/=====code end

I think you have to trim it a little, because it's a not very clean code.

Hope it helped,
Kind regards,
Giuseppe Castagno

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