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Bernard Marcelly wrote (1-2-2009 8:36)
A Locale is primarily a language (the first part, lower case). This language may or not be specialised for a particular country (the second part, upper case).

The language of your installation depends on the langpack it uses. The Locale is indicated in the file names of the installation package.
You can see in the mirror servers that exists:
en-US, fr, de, nl
But not fr-FR, not fr-BE, not nl-NL. This simply means that there is no country variant langpack available in OpenOffice. In the langpacks for 3.0.1RC2 however I can see en-US, en-GB, en-ZA (i.e. english variant of South-Africa).

I did not think yet at the link with the names of the packages. Sounds quite logic :-)


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