Stephan Bergmann wrote:

> On 01/27/09 09:13, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> BTW: a keyword "unpublished" would come in handy here as it could become
>> the hyperlink itself! It seems we did it the wrong way. Not only because
>> of this but also because (as usual!) not the standard way of doing
>> things (the published API) should be marked by a special attribute, but
>> the one off the road (the unpublished API).
> The rationale for having a "published" keyword instead of an 
> "unpublished" one was that actually publishing an API is a deliberate 
> activity.  Also, this way the publishing concept could be added 
> backwards-compatibly into UNO rather late in the game.  And its safer 
> this way, in that the default (no extra keyword given) case lets you 
> easily fix your mistake and move to the non-default ("published" keyword 
> added) case, while that is not true the other way around.
> Granted, all this might be more relevant from the perspective of the API 
> producer than from the perspective of the API consumer.  API consumers 
> indeed need to be trained now to look for explicitly published API and 
> ignore implicitly unpublished one.

As we are talking about the HTML version of the API we could perhaps use
a commentary addition "unpublished" with the link I mentioned. No need
to change the original IDL files.


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