I have this code:

oStmt = oConn.createStatement()
oStmt.setPropertyValue("ResultSetType", com.sun.star.sdbc.ResultSetType.SCROLL_INSENSITIVE) oStmt.setPropertyValue("ResultSetConcurrency", com.sun.star.sdbc.ResultSetConcurrency.READ_ONLY)
oRs = oStmt.executeQuery(sql_string)
c = oRs.getRow
print c '= 1
print oRs.getRow '= 2
oRs.absolute(c) 'give False with MySQL only
print oRs.getRow '= 2 ***error*** with MySQL only

If I connect to HSQL, it works giving 1 at the end, while if I connect to MySQL, it return 2 at the end.
Do I make an error?

MySQL 5.1.40 - Connector 3.51.27 - OOo 3.1.1

p.s. If I connect with extension native driver for OOo, it works, so I'll use it, but it would be however a bug. And in Ubuntu, wich use MySQL 5.0.75, native connector is not available.

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