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Hey Andrew,

Andrew Douglas Pitonyak schrieb:
Hmm, no - this was the wrong property. I have now checked the
settings.xml and have searched for different values - the searched
property is:
I can set a value using basic as you mentioned - that works.
But: Even using xray I cannot find the property anywhere in the
document. Maybe you have an idea?
Because - before I set this property I would like to check the actual
value - if this property is active (property is optional). But how to du

Best regards

Probably this:



For me, I think that 1 is enabled and 3 is disabled.

No, should be "disabled(1) and enabled  - equal to "high-resulution" (3)

I know the API and can set the property - but afterwards I cannot find
this property using basic.
My problem is: we have a lot of documents, created in Versions 2.x and
3.0.1 - when open thm in OOo 3.2.1 the property is sometimes set,
sometimes not. It may depends on creation date and version, but I am not
So, to repair this, I want to change the property to "Hight-resulution"
- whitch means (3), but only, if the property is present - typicaly then
set to "disabled" (1).

But where it is?

at the DocumentSettings! Get the DocumentSettings from the document, check the property if present or not and set the value if necessary.

Where exactly is your problem now?


Best regards

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