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A question related to an old thread.
I first quote the useful piece of code form Carsten, so that is clear where I talk about.

Carsten Driesner wrote (29-10-09 10:50)

REM ***** BASIC *****

REM *** This example creates a new basic macro toolbar button on
REM *** the Writer standard bar. It doesn't add the button twice.
REM *** It uses the Writer image manager to set an external image
REM *** for the macro toolbar button.

Sub Main
REM *** String to reference toolbar
sToolbar = "private:resource/toolbar/standardbar"
REM *** Macro command to add
sMyToolbarCmdId = "macro:///Standard.Module1.Test()"

REM *** Retrieve the module configuration manager from central module
configuration manager supplier
oModuleCfgMgrSupplier =

REM *** Retrieve the module configuration manager with module identifier
REM *** See com.sun.star.frame.ModuleManager for more information
oModuleCfgMgr = oModuleCfgMgrSupplier.getUIConfigurationManager(
"com.sun.star.text.TextDocument" )
oImageMgr = oModuleCfgMgr.getImageManager()

oToolbarSettings = oModuleCfgMgr.getSettings( sToolbar, true )

REM *** Look for our button. Can be identified by the CommandURL property.
bHasAlreadyButton = false
nCount = oToolbarSettings.getCount()
for i = 0 to nCount-1
oToolbarButton() = oToolbarSettings.getByIndex( i )
nToolbarButtonCount = ubound(oToolbarButton())
for j = 0 to nToolbarButtonCount
if oToolbarButton(j).Name = "CommandURL" then
if oToolbarButton(j).Value = sMyToolbarCmdId then
bHasAlreadyButton = true
end if
next j
next i

Dim oImageCmds(0)
Dim oImages(0)
REM *** Check if image has already been added
if not oImageMgr.hasImage( 0, sMyToolbarCmdId ) then

REM *** Try to load the image from the file URL
oImage = GetImageFromURL( "file:///c:/test.bmp" )
if not isNull( oImage ) then

REM *** Insert new image into the Writer image manager
oImageCmds(0) = sMyToolbarCmdId
oImages(0) = oImage
oImageMgr.insertImages( 0, oImageCmds(), oImages() )
end if
end if

if not bHasAlreadyButton then
sString = "My Macro's"
oToolbarItem = CreateToolbarItem( sMyToolbarCmdId,
"Standard.Module1.Test" )

Further on in this thread, Jan Hols Jensen posted a solution for his case, using the following

  > For J = 0 To UBound(ToolbarButtonProps())
  >   If ToolbarButtonProps(J).Name = "CommandURL" Then
  >     ToolbarButtonProps(J).Value = NewURL
  >   End If
  > Next

to change an existing button.
This works, however I find no way to keep the tool tip. which I guess is the HelpID.

Found this issue in IssueTracker, happening to offer a patch too:

Could this indeed be a bug?



oToolbarSettings.insertByIndex( nCount, oToolbarItem )
oModuleCfgMgr.replaceSettings( sToolbar, oToolbarSettings )
end if
End Sub

Function GetImageFromURL( URL as String ) as Variant
Dim oMediaProperties(0) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue

REM *** Create graphic provider instance to load images from external files
oGraphicProvider = createUnoService(
"com.sun.star.graphic.GraphicProvider" )

REM *** Set URL property so graphic provider is able to load the image
oMediaProperties(0).Name = "URL"
oMediaProperties(0).Value = URL

REM *** Retrieve the com.sun.star.graphic.XGraphic instance
GetImageFromURL = oGraphicProvider.queryGraphic( oMediaProperties() )
End Function

Function CreateToolbarItem( Command as String, Label as String ) as Variant
Dim aToolbarItem(3) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue

aToolbarItem(0).Name = "CommandURL"
aToolbarItem(0).Value = Command
aToolbarItem(1).Name = "Label"
aToolbarItem(1).Value = Label
aToolbarItem(2).Name = "Type"
aToolbarItem(2).Value = 0
aToolbarItem(3).Name = "Visible"
aToolbarItem(3).Value = true

CreateToolbarItem = aToolbarItem()
End Function

Sub Test
MsgBox "Test"
End Sub

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