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Carsten Driesner wrote (19-10-10 16:06)

 From my point of view this is not a bug. A function in a toolbar or
menu item contains a CommandURL which describe what command will be
processed on activation. As the CommandURL is a unique identier for the
function it can also be used for the help. The "HelpID" property was
used for backward compatibility. Currently OOo normally uses the
CommandURL to retrieve the tooltip/help content.

Ah, that explains it all. I did not look for specs on the HelpID, just considered it to work, since it shows a value.

It's possible for an implementation to change the tooltip text (e.g.
look at the undo function which shows the latest undo step as tooltip).
This can only be done by the responsible DispatchProvider implementation
using a full-featured UNO language (Java, C/C++, Python). I don't know a
way to do it with Basic. The dispatch object must send a
com.sun.star.frame.FeatureStateEvent and put a string object into the
"State" member.

Thanks for making this clear.

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