I figured out how to set a page break through the cursor properties, I just 
can't find a way to break left/right or odd/even.


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Subject: [api-dev] How to insert a page break

I am trying to go through a document and insert a page break at a certain point 
in the document.  Specifically I need to insert either a break right or break 
left code.  I can search through the document, I can insert text, I can remove 
text, I can't find any way to insert a break through the API.

I tried recording a macro, but that only showed me how to pop up the insert 
break dialog, not very helpful.  I have been combing through the API 
documentation trying to find some way to insert a new page break and have not 
been able to find anything close to that.

Any suggestions on which API calls to look at?  I can get an XComponent, 
XTextDocument, XText, and any component they implement, I just can't figure out 
which API call will insert a page break.


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