On 5/4/11 10:50 PM, Herter, Scott wrote:
> I can't get to the API reference at the moment, keeps timing out on the web 
> page.  As soon as I can get to the website again I will look that up.
download the SDK and you can use the API reference offline ;-)


> In the mean time I get a page cursor when I have moved the view cursor to the 
> point I want to be at and then use the page number to decide if I am putting 
> in a single or double page break based on what type of page break it is.  It 
> works, but relies on my math being right and the definition of left and right 
> never changing.  I would prefer to let OpenOffice figure out if there should 
> be one or two page breaks in those cases, especially if we ever get in to 
> languages that read right to left.
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> Herter, Scott wrote (04-05-11 21:13)
>> I figured out how to set a page break through the cursor properties, I
>> just can't find a way to break left/right or odd/even.
> My idea would be to set the page style.
> Regards,
> Cor

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