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On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 9:43 PM William A Rowe Jr <wr...@rowe-clan.net>

> *Change Process*
> Most changes (bug fixes and minor, commonsense feature adds) do not
> require review. Developers are encouraged to request review for:
>    - Large changes affecting many files
>    - Changes to interfaces
>    - Changes that commit APR to one option out of an exclusive set
>    - Any change the developer wants a second (or Nth) opinion on
> Anyone may retroactively cause someone's change to be reviewed by
> requesting review after it was committed, and at their discretion may
> revert the change until it is approved.
> The above process is called "Commit Then Review" (or CTR). As of this
> time, the group does not see a need to ever use a "Review Then Commit"
> (RTC) process.

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