On 08/24/2018 12:48 PM, Eric Covener wrote:
On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 12:37 PM Dennis Clarke <dcla...@blastwave.org> wrote:

On 08/24/2018 09:16 AM, Eric Covener wrote:
Starting a new thread as potential RM's may be filtering bugzilla emails.

There are a lot of reports of PR62644 from solaris users of httpd, can
anyone RM?

I am running a few versions of httpd on solaris and have not seen any
issues.  Is there a bug report somewhere ?


Both 61786 and 62644 are marked RESOLVED one way or another. Regardless,
seems to be on Solaris x86/Intel/AMD gear and I have not seen that in a
dogs age.  Could spin it up merely to look.


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