I looked at the JIRA tickets and think many of the are obsolete because they 
are very old or for different versions. 
I'm willing to help but currently do not know where to start. I'm currently 
trying to understand the codebase, but I'm a bit lost. I do not really know 
which parts are more historic , which important. If some of you know some 
specific issues that should be fixed and may be fixed without changing the 
complete codebase, please tell me or better give me the JIRA link.
Or if there are some major tasks that are needed to bring the project forward, 
tell me.
Olivier mentioned switching the persistence library to JPA is one thing that 
may be tried, because of some JDK incompatibilities with the current 
implementation. I will look at this, but it would be helpful, if someone can 
give some hints what components may be involved in such a change.

I would like to keep the product stable working and I'm more interested in 
fixing bugs and improving the usability. I think major changes that break the 
build and does not produce a running product for a long time will be fatal for 
the project. 

Another question: The project page shows a lot of committers, are there any of 
them still active or is this list more like a gallery of ancestral committers? 
And who keeps the automatic build running?



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