Hi Tal,

I was referring to the section 3.2.2  in TOSCA 1.0. It seems the version is 
part of both TOSCA 1.0 and TOSCA 1.1


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I think you are referring to TOSCA 1.1, which is on the roadmap but not 
supported yet.

You can of course create your own "version" property or attribute for node 
types in TOSCA 1.0.

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> Hi,
> The TOSCA spec mentions about the version as a keyname for different 
> type definitions(Node, Group, Interface, Artifacts, Data .. .) As 
> mentioned in spec this is for the re-use of different types . Does 
> ARIA support the version at this stage ? What is the scope of 
> orchestrator when it comes to the version support ?
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> DJ

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