Hi Atul,

Currently there is no way for doing this. The only exposed method of
expanding the vector buffer is reAlloc() and it allocates a new buffer of
double the original capacity and copies the old contents into the new


On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:06 PM, Atul Dambalkar <atul.dambal...@xoriant.com
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> Hi,
> I am creating IntVector in Java as follows -
> IntVector intVector = (IntVector) vectorSchemaRoot.getVector(name);
> intVector.setInitialCapacity(100);
> intVector.allocateNew();
> Is there a way that I can allocate additional capacity to the same
> IntVector object by a defined number? Let's say something like -
> intVector.allocateAdditional(100), which would only add more capacity to
> the existing buffer without impacting the existing buffer and data.
> There is an API intVector.reAlloc, but it simply doubles the current
> allocated memory and not what I intend.
> Thanks for your inputs,
> -Atul

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