BTW, in the latest/greatest version of the world, where -'s are dying, all of the SQL++ materials are there - folks should start using it! (You can start with the 101.) Please open issues if you have issues with any of the docs, or encounter bugs. As I helped work on those artifacts, I found that queries felt less verbose and a bit more natural in SQL++ versus their AQL equivalents..... I'm thinking that one of the main things we should advertise in our first top-level release is the newly available SQL++ face. (Folks should start making mental lists of the things we need to remember to mention as being "new" in that release - since it's been so long....)

On 10/14/16 10:52 PM, Yingyi Bu wrote:

For (1), the eventual goal is to only have underscores.
Currently it's a transition period -- all docs are based on underscores.
For new functions, it's good to only support underscores.
I think that we'll end the life of hyphens after some time.


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 6:36 PM, Till Westmann <> wrote:

I think that the answer to both questions is "yes".

My 2c,

On 14 Oct 2016, at 18:04, Taewoo Kim wrote:

Hi All,

I would like to talk about 1) Function name convention and Format change
the codebase.

1) Function name
When we invent a new function name, would it be better if we avoid using
'-'(dash) in a new function name and use "_" instead to avoid two
for the same function in AQL and SQL++?

2) Format change in the codebase
When we modify a java source file, is it better to apply format changes
the whole file or the lines that we only touch? For history perspective,
think the latter is desirable.


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