Hi Peter,
We have recently added RelationshipDefs, as the way to inject new 
relationship attributes into  entities. The relationship def can specify 
whether tags propagate across the relationship and in which direction. The 
actual tag propagation is not in the code base yet, but is being worked 
on. Tag propagation  will not result in copies of tags - that could be 
become difficult to manage - instead as you query entities, the Atlas code 
will derive the tags associated with an entity. We have not designed yet 
how to override this behaviour, when the propagation behaviour in the Def 
is not appropriate. I have not got the Jira number for this  : by copy 
Madhan - do you have this for Peter. 

We feel this feature will allow more consistent control on how tags are 
applied to entities and in what circumstances; it therefore simplifies tag 
 all the best, David.

From:   Peter Gergo Barna <pba...@hortonworks.com>
To:     "dev@atlas.apache.org" <dev@atlas.apache.org>
Date:   12/07/2017 04:32
Subject:        Can be tags inherited?

Hi All,
I have a question about the possibility of Atlas automatically apply tags 
based on lineage relations.

Let's suppose we have a hive table tagged as 'secret'.
Can we have Atlas automatically apply this tag on all entities derived 
form this table, e.g. all views selecting from this table?
Kind Regards
Gergo Barna

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