On 12/07/2017 13:17, David Radley wrote:

> will derive the tags associated with an entity. We have not designed yet
> how to override this behaviour, when the propagation behaviour in the Def
> is not appropriate. I have not got the Jira number for this  : by copy
> Madhan - do you have this for Peter.
Additionally there will be changes in how tags are propogated to ranger in that whilst today you just associate a tag (classification) with an entity, it's more useful often to associate the classification with a business term, and then associate that with the entity.

The changes up from the core atlas, will go through a new API (ATLAS-1696) and changes in ranger (RANGER-1454) - if approved (this is still work in progress/unreviewed thus far), so feel free to engage in the discussions there too.

In terms of in general inheriting the classification ... overrides will IMO be needed (as David mentions) since sometimes a derived table will require the same classification, for example around confidentiality, whilst other times data could be combined and need a HIGHER classification whilst in other cases data may be redacted, requiring a LOWER classification ;-)


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