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Review request for atlas.

Repository: atlas


ATLAS-2049 Document common standards for OMAS interfaces

As we start to build OMAS interfaces it seems having some common standards 
would be a good idea. I wanted to get this discussion going so opted to 
document this in twiki format & submit via review board. The intent isn't this 
first pass is correct, but that we come to a consensus ...

Open to suggestions as to whether this is a useful approach - Alternatives 
 - Simply posting on wiki - but I think we want to keep that for more consumer 
style documentation that's been agreed
 - Posting as a word doc or similar within the JIRA

See more info in the JIRA(s)

-- Nigel.


  docs/src/site/twiki/OMAS-Standards.twiki PRE-CREATION 
  docs/src/site/twiki/index.twiki a8e7de9fb74bca0548eda5f5832e1e2bff3f7aec 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/61736/diff/1/


* Rebuilt twiki documentation to validate formatting, and reviewed in Safari.


Nigel Jones

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