Hi all,
 We now have a number of OMAS APIs being designed and developed. There have 
been a number of discussions around best practices/standards, and the document 
below is an initial attempt to get these written down.

I'm sure this will be an evolving list, but it would be really useful to get 
the discussion flowing, so if anyone can spend the time to take a look it would 
be most appreciated.

This started as a list of notes for a discussion so it's far from complete and 
perhaps not detailed enough but we can start somewhere :-)

Note that it's created as a patch against the twiki docs, but we can also 
discuss where this documentation SHOULD go 


On 2017-08-18 15:55, Nigel Jones <jon...@uk.ibm.com> wrote: 

> https://reviews.apache.org/r/61736/

> ATLAS-2049 Document common standards for OMAS interfaces
> As we start to build OMAS interfaces it seems having some common standards 
> would be a good idea. I wanted to get this discussion going so opted to 
> document this in twiki format & submit via review board. The intent isn't 
> this first pass is correct, but that we come to a consensus ...

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