Hey folks.. I'm playing with the latest master, and I ran across something
I just don't get. According to the code, delete of relationships is
supported as long as you have the guid of the relationship. When I create a
simple setup of a hive_table as an input to a Process, and retrieve it I
get something that looks like this:

    "referredEntities": {},
    "entity": {
        "typeName": "Process",
        "attributes": {
            "owner": null,
            "outputs": null,
            "qualifiedName": "p1",
            "inputs": [
                    "guid": "eb0734a0-fe08-42fe-97ee-860c822571bc",
                    "typeName": "hbase_table"
            "name": "p1",
            "description": null
        "guid": "241347a7-5051-4919-8892-b2a2cb25e785",
        "status": "ACTIVE",
        "createdBy": "admin",
        "updatedBy": "admin",
        "createTime": 1518560480743,
        "updateTime": 1518560494636,
        "version": 0,
        "relationshipAttributes": {
            "outputs": [],
            "knownLocations": [],
            "externalReferences": [],
            "notes": [],
            "comments": [],
            "inputs": [
                    "guid": "eb0734a0-fe08-42fe-97ee-860c822571bc",
                    "typeName": "hbase_table",
                    "displayText": "t1",
                    "relationshipAttributes": {
                        "typeName": "dataset_process_inputs"
            "relatedEntity": null,
            "consumedBy": [],
            "meanings": [],
            "alsoKnownAs": [],
            "tags": [],
            "embeddedMetadata": [],
            "contributor": [],
            "starRatings": [],
            "managedResources": [],
            "meetings": [],
            "todos": [],
            "likes": []
        "classifications": []

The relationship has no guid, and therefore I cannot directly access it to
delete it. I know the guid was there in a previous build off of master, but
it seems to have vanished.



Pierre Padovani

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