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(Updated March 26, 2020, 7:41 a.m.)

Review request for atlas, Ashutosh Mestry, Bolke de Bruin, Madhan Neethiraj, 
Nixon Rodrigues, and Sarath Subramanian.


Updating Testing Done section

Repository: atlas


This patch enables logging to STDOUT from processes spawned through 
atlas_start.py or atlas_config.py scripts. For now, even if configured in 
log4j, logging to STDOUT was supressed (by redirecting to log files only).


  distro/pom.xml 7159b16cf 
  distro/src/bin/atlas_config.py f09026ff9 
  distro/src/bin/atlas_start.py 963faf402 
  distro/src/bin/cputil.py 98a9dc36d 
  distro/src/conf/atlas-env.sh c4241e665 
  distro/src/test/python/scripts/TestMetadata.py f1235f747 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/72104/diff/4/

Testing (updated)

The tests were concluded by:

1. Building & running Atlas locally with default log4j configuration and 
-Dlog.console mvn build option set to true.
2. Building & running Atlas on Openshift with log4j configuration pushing 
everything to STDOUT and -Dlog.console mvn build option set to true.
3. Running distro tests on localhost

In both scenarios logs were available both in the .out/.err files in the Atlas 
logdir (backwards compatibility), but at the same time I was able to see them 
in STDOUT of both running process (local installation) and pod (openshift 


Mariusz Górski

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