Congratulations to all.

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Davor Bonaci <> wrote:

> Please join me and the rest of Beam PMC in welcoming the following
> contributors as our newest committers. They have significantly contributed
> to the project in different ways, and we look forward to many more
> contributions in the future.
> * Reuven Lax
> Reuven has been with the project since the very beginning, contributing
> mostly to the core SDK and the GCP IO connectors. He accumulated 52 commits
> (19,824 ++ / 12,039 --). Most recently, Reuven re-wrote several IO
> connectors that significantly expanded their functionality. Additionally,
> Reuven authored important new design documents relating to update and
> snapshot functionality.
> * Jingsong Lee
> Jingsong has been contributing to Apache Beam since the beginning of the
> year, particularly to the Flink runner. He has accumulated 34 commits
> (11,214 ++ / 6,314 --) of deep, fundamental changes that significantly
> improved the quality of the runner. Additionally, Jingsong has contributed
> to the project in other ways too -- reviewing contributions, and
> participating in discussions on the mailing list, design documents, and
> JIRA issue tracker.
> * Mingmin Xu
> Mingmin started the SQL DSL effort, and has driven it to the point of
> merging to the master branch. In this effort, he extended the project to
> the significant new user community.
> * Mingming (James) Xu
> James joined the SQL DSL effort, contributing some of the trickier parts,
> such as the Join functionality. Additionally, he's consistently shown
> himself to be an insightful code reviewer, significantly impacting the
> project’s code quality and ensuring the success of the new major component.
> * Manu Zhang
> Manu initiated and developed a runner for the Apache Gearpump (incubating)
> engine, and has driven it to the point of merging to the master branch. In
> this effort, he accumulated 65 commits (7,812 ++ / 4,882 --) and extended
> the project to the new user community.
> Congratulations to all five! Welcome!
> Davor

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