Currently, Apache Beam distributes Python packages through pip and PyPI.
On PyPI, developers can release either source tarballs, and / or
precompiled "wheel" distributions for each platform, which would be used if
available for a particular platform.  Currently, we only distribute the
source tarballs, so any user who installs Beam using "pip install
apache_beam" has to have a compiler and toolchain installed to take
advantage of Cython optimizations in Beam (which require compiled C code).
If such a compiler is not available, Beam is currently configured to
install anyway, but will use slower Python codepaths instead of the more
optimized ones (for example, for Coder encoding / decoding).

I would like to propose that we start distributing binary wheel
distributions for our releases, for common platforms like Windows / Mac /
Linux.  We could potentially use a method similar to this one ( for building these wheel
distributions.  Thoughts?


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