Hi guys,

I didn't find a page about beam release support. With the fast minor
release rrythm which is targetted by beam (see other threads on that), I
wonder what - as an end user - you should expect as breakage between
versions (minor can add API but shouldn't break them typically) and how
long a version can get fixes (can I get a fix on the 2.0.0 - 2.0.1 - now
the 2.3.0 is out?).

A page with some engagements like "we support majors for 3 years, minors
for 6 months" would be very beneficial for end users IMO.

Technically I also think beam should use clirr (I know there is a maven
plugin, not sure about gradle but it is clearly not a technical blocker).
It would allow to enforce the policy at build time and avoid surprises.

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