Hi guys,

Apache Beam 2.4.0 has been released on March 20th.

According to our cycle of release (roughly 6 weeks), we should think about 

I'm volunteer to tackle this release.

I'm proposing the following items:

1. We start the Jira triage now, up to Tuesday
2. I would like to cut the release on Tuesday night (Europe time)
2bis. I think it's wiser to still use Maven for this release. Do you think we
will be ready to try a release with Gradle ?

After this release, I would like a discussion about:
1. Gradle release (if we release 2.5.0 with Maven)
2. Isolate release cycle per Beam part. I think it would be interesting to have
different release cycle: SDKs, DSLs, Runners, IOs. That's another discussion, I
will start a thread about that.

Thoughts ?

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com

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