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currently performance tests running on Jenkins all have "beam_prebuilt" [1]
Perfkit's flag set to true, which means that PerfKit does not rebuild the
code before invoking the Performance Test. This makes things faster but
error prone - we observed Performance Tests failures several times due to
the fact that something was not built on time.

We should rebuild Beam in every testing job to avoid errors (only "bare"
build, without tests and checkstyle). This will make the tests last longer
(about 7 minutes per each test, as my experiments have shown). Probably it
will be faster on Gradle (didn't test it yet). There are 12 tests now with
"beam_PerformanceTests_JDBC" as the longest lasting (total of 15 minutes).

It may be just a "formality question", but does anyone object that we
rebuild beam like this in each Performance Tests Jenkins job?


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