Hi Jason,I have been busy bench-marking Flink Cluster (Spark next) under Beam.I 
can share my experience. Can you list items of interest to know so I can answer 
them to the best of my knowledge.Cheers

      From: Jason Kuster <jasonkus...@google.com.INVALID>
 To: dev@beam.incubator.apache.org 
 Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 5:06 PM
 Subject: Exploring Performance Testing
Hey all,

Now that we've covered some of the initial ground with regard to
correctness testing, I'm going to be starting work on performance testing
and benchmarking. I wanted to reach out and see what people's experiences
have been with performance testing and benchmarking
frameworks, particularly in other Apache projects. Anyone have any
experience or thoughts?



Jason Kuster
Apache Beam (Incubating) / Google Cloud Dataflow


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