I found data Artisan's benchmarking post
They also shared the code <https://github.com/dataArtisans/performance>. I
didn't dig in much, but they did a wide range of algorithms. They have the
native code, so you write the Beam code and check against the native

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:14 PM amir bahmanyari <amirto...@yahoo.com.invalid>

> Hi Jason,I have been busy bench-marking Flink Cluster (Spark next) under
> Beam.I can share my experience. Can you list items of interest to know so I
> can answer them to the best of my knowledge.Cheers
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>  Subject: Exploring Performance Testing
> Hey all,
> Now that we've covered some of the initial ground with regard to
> correctness testing, I'm going to be starting work on performance testing
> and benchmarking. I wanted to reach out and see what people's experiences
> have been with performance testing and benchmarking
> frameworks, particularly in other Apache projects. Anyone have any
> experience or thoughts?
> Best,
> Jason
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