Thanks Jia for bringing the discussion on the list.

In my opinion, the script could be useful in order to having a flexible way to 
altering bk_server.conf at container creation. It currently lacks commented out 
properties handling, so in order to be effective we need to fix that. Maybe we 
can expand it to add all the env variables matching "PREFIX_[A-Za-z0-9.]+" 
(e.g. "BKCONF_allowLoopback") at the end of the file if no substitution 
happened in file.

I think that mounting "/conf" dir could be useful either. I didn't played with 
orchestration system storage options, but I used to think that was a way to 
mount a "shared" volume (e.g. Rancher has NFS volumes). This shouldn't create a 
bottleneck since containers reads only some KBs at start. If this is possible, 
using conf files instead of env vars could be a little easier (as well as 
offering a simple way to provide not only bk_server.conf but even and 
Da: Jia Zhai <>
Inviato: lunedì 17 luglio 2017 02:53
Oggetto: Regarding the configuration in BK docker image # PR 197

Thanks a lot for @caiok <>'s PR for BK docker
image. While in the review there was some concern related to the
configuration things, and it is some kind of fundamental for docker image,
it may be worth to have some discuss here to get some feedback. :).

In PR 197 <>, the
configuration is depends on local dir mounted to "/conf", It is good to run
docker locally, but for K8S and DC/OS, it is hard to have one "local dir"
contains user specified data.    For all disk resources are managed by and
shared in K8S or DC/OS, when disk is arriving to satisfy user request, it
usually contains nothing.
And this maybe the reason that some of the reviewers are so care about the
configurations and env variables, while reviewing @caiok's contribution.

This problem also nags me for a while. I even thought to provide a way,
which read the configurations from an internet place, but that seems not
very user friendly. Until @merlimat <> provide the
to read env variables inside docker.  What do you think of this way?

Thanks a lot.


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