Hi folks,

We currently have about 150 open issues. Sometimes it feels like stuff
is added an never looked at again. We need to do some
cleanup/categorization, i.e. triage.

In the past, a triage process which has worked for me is:
- Allocate an hour a week for triage. Any longer than this, it just
gets boring, and hard to carve out time to do it.
- Go through as many issues as possible in this hour.
   - For each issue, categorize it as bug/improvement/idea etc
   - Specify the priority.
   - If high(ish) priority, specify a target release
   - Identify the low hanging fruit
- Once a bug has been triaged, add a label "triage/<weeknumber>". This
will allow already triaged issues to be excluded from the current
triage. Eventually all issues will have a triage label. At this point,
the triage should be limited to those issues with the oldest triage
labels (which can be identified by the week). The eventual goal is to
have every issue looked at at least once a month or so, even if no
action is taken on it.
- Blocker issues should be looked at every triage session.

If there's no objections, I'm volunteering to do this myself, starting
next week. If you start getting notifications for issues from
months/years ago, it's this.


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