2018-03-07 13:15 GMT+01:00 Ivan Kelly <iv...@apache.org>:

> Hi folks,
> We currently have about 150 open issues. Sometimes it feels like stuff
> is added an never looked at again. We need to do some
> cleanup/categorization, i.e. triage.
> In the past, a triage process which has worked for me is:
> - Allocate an hour a week for triage. Any longer than this, it just
> gets boring, and hard to carve out time to do it.
> - Go through as many issues as possible in this hour.
>    - For each issue, categorize it as bug/improvement/idea etc
>    - Specify the priority.
>    - If high(ish) priority, specify a target release
>    - Identify the low hanging fruit
> - Once a bug has been triaged, add a label "triage/<weeknumber>". This
> will allow already triaged issues to be excluded from the current
> triage. Eventually all issues will have a triage label. At this point,
> the triage should be limited to those issues with the oldest triage
> labels (which can be identified by the week). The eventual goal is to
> have every issue looked at at least once a month or so, even if no
> action is taken on it.
> - Blocker issues should be looked at every triage session.
> If there's no objections, I'm volunteering to do this myself, starting
> next week. If you start getting notifications for issues from
> months/years ago, it's this.

Sounds great

Thank you very much  !


> Cheers,
> Ivan

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