Yes, I also think so. Thanks for the confirmation! :)

On 2/16/17, 5:24 PM, "Kumar Vishal" <> wrote:

>Hi Lionel,
>In case of order by it will convert the dictionary value to actual value
>then it will sort the data as dictionary values can not give data in sorted
>order because  for example vishal=2 and for Lionel=3 but in query Lionel
>will come first then vishal, so carbon will sort based on actual value.
>*File name:*
>On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 4:44 PM, Lu Cao <> wrote:
>> Hi dev team,
>> I have a question about the sort in carbon data.
>> When we have following query:
>> select country, area, name, salary from table_a order by country;
>> It seems carbon will decode the country column from dictionary value to
>> original value first, and then sort by original value.
>> My question : Is the dictionary value order always the same with original
>> value order?
>> Or if we sort the dictionary value first and then decode to original value,
>> would that be correct operation?
>> BTW: where can I see the algorithm of Dictionary encode(class name or file
>> name)?
>> Thanks,
>> Lionel
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