Its not clear what 3647 actually is, there is no code attached, and no real 
example in it.

Aside from that, the reason this would be useful to me (if we could get 
indexing of attributes working), is that I already have my data in 
JSON/Thrift/ProtoBuff, depending how large the data is, it isn't trivial to 
break it up into columns to insert, and re-assemble into columns to read.  
Also, until we get multiple slice range reads, I can't read two different 
structures out of one row without getting all the other stuff between them, 
unless there are only two columns and I read them using column names not slices.

As it is right now I have to maintain custom indexes on all my attributes to be 
able to put ProtoBuff's into columns, and get some searching on them.  It would 
be nice if I could drop all my custom indexing code and just tell Cassandra, 
hey, index column.attr1.subattr2.

From: Jake Luciani []
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 7:44 AM
Subject: Re: Document storage

Is there a reason you would prefer a JSONType over CASSANDRA-3647?  It
would seem the only thing a JSON type offers you is validation.  3647 takes
it much further by deconstructing a JSON document using composite columns
to flatten the document out, with the ability to access and update portions
of the document (as well as reconstruct it).

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Ben McCann <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if it would be interesting to add some type of
> document-oriented data type.
> I've found it somewhat awkward to store document-oriented data in Cassandra
> today.  I can make a JSON/Protobuf/Thrift, serialize it, and store it, but
> Cassandra cannot differentiate it from any other string or byte array.
>  However, if my column validation_class could be a JsonType that would
> allow tools to potentially do more interesting introspection on the column
> value.  E.g. bug 3647
> <>calls for
> supporting arbitrarily nested "documents" in CQL.  Running a
> query against the JSON column in Pig is possible as well, but again in this
> use case it would be helpful to be able to encode in column metadata that
> the column is stored as JSON.  For debugging, running nightly reports, etc.
> it would be quite useful compared to the opaque string and byte array types
> we have today.  JSON is appealing because it would be easy to implement.
>  Something like Thrift or Protocol Buffers would actually be interesting
> since they would be more space efficient.  However, they would also be a
> bit more difficult to implement because of the extra typing information
> they provide.  I'm hoping with Cassandra 1.0's addition of compression that
> storing JSON is not too inefficient.
> Would there be interest in adding a JsonType?  I could look at putting a
> patch together.
> Thanks,
> Ben


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