On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 5:18 PM, Jonathan Haddad <j...@jonhaddad.com> wrote:

> This is a different mentality from having a "features" branch, where it's
> implied that at times it's acceptable that it not be stable.

I absolutely never implied that, though I willingly admit my choice of
names may be to blame. I 100% agree that no releases should be done
without a green test board moving forward and if something was implicit
in my 'feature' branch proposal, it was that.

Where we might not be in the same page is that I just don't believe it's
reasonable to expect the project will get any time soon in a state where
even a green test board release (with new features) meets the "can be
confidently put into production". I'm not even sure it's reasonable to
expect from *any* software, and even less so for an open-source
project based on volunteering. Not saying it wouldn't be amazing, it
would, I just don't believe it's realistic. In a way, the reason why I think
tick-tock doesn't work is *exactly* because it's based on that unrealistic

Of course, I suppose that's kind of my opinion. I'm sure some will think
that the "historical trend" of release instability is simply due to a lack
effort (obviously Cassandra developers don't give a shit about users, that
must the simplest explanation).

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