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> What I was trying to suggest is that the *goal* of trunk should always be
> releasable, and the alpha releases would be the means of testing that.  If
> the goal is to always be releasable, we move towards achieving that goal by
> improving modularity, test coverage and test granularity.
> Yes, it's very difficult to prove a piece of software is completely free of
> bugs and I wouldn't expect NASA to put Cassandra on the space shuttle.
> That said, by prioritizing stability in the software development process up
> front, the cost of maintaining older branches over time will decrease and
> the velocity of the project will increase - which was the original goal of
> Tick Tock.

And we *did* make substantial progress on this.  Not nearly as quickly as I
originally hoped, but our CI is worlds cleaner and more useful than it was
this time last year.

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