On 2017-08-08 01:00 (-0700), Micha <mich...@fantasymail.de> wrote: 
> Hi,
> it seems I'm not able to add add 3 node dc to a 3 node dc. After
> starting the rebuild on a new node, nodetool netstats show it will
> receive 1200 files from node-1 and 5000 from node-2. The stream from
> node-1 completes but the stream from node-2 allways fails, after sending
> ca 4000 files.
> After restarting the rebuild it again starts to send the 5000 files.
> The whole cluster is connected via one switch only , no firewall
> between, the networks shows no errors.
> The machines have 8 cores, 32GB RAM and two 1TB discs as raid0.
> the logs show no errors. The size of the data is ca 1TB.

Is there anything in `dmesg` ?  System logs? Nothing? Is node2 running? Is 
node3 running? 

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