the nodes have 32G ram, there are no other processes running.

Thanks for the info about the g1gc.
I used bootstrap resume to finish the bootstrap, then added another two
This worked, but I saw in munin a constantly rising memory consumption
during streaming, while on the other nodes there was a constantly amount
of memory used. Nothing was killed this time, since the streaming took
much less time to complete.
I think I'll switch to cms on the problem node and compare the memory
usage and compare the nodetool info output.


Am 11.08.2017 um 17:55 schrieb kurt greaves:
> How much memory do these machines have?  Typically we've found that G1
> isn't worth it until you get to around 24G heaps, and even at that it's
> not really better than CMS. You could try CMS with an 8G heap and 2G new
> size. 
> However as the oom is only happening on one node have you ensured there
> are no extra processes running on that node that could be consuming
> extra memory? Note that the oom killer will kill the process with the
> highest oom score, which generally corresponds to the process using the
> most memory, but not necessarily the problem.
> Also could you run nodetool info on the problem node and 1 other and
> dump the output in a gist? It would be interesting to see if there is a
> significant difference in off-heap.

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