> I'd like to see pluggable storage and transient replica tickets land, for
> starters.

I think both those features are, frankly, necessary for our future. On
the other hand, they both have the following risks:
1. core behavioral changes
2. require changing a (relatively) large surface area of code

We can aim to de-risk 4.0 by focusing on what we have now which is
solid repair and NIO internode (maybe we move the 4.0 branch timeline
up?), aiming for a 4.1 following soon-ish.

Or we can go in eyes open and agree on a larger footprint 4.0.

I'm on the fence, tbh (can't emphasize enough how big both those
features will be). I just want everyone to know what we are getting
into and that we are potentially impacting our goals of "stable" ==

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