On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 9:41 AM, Jonathan Haddad <j...@jonhaddad.com> wrote:

> It sounds to me (please correct me if I'm wrong) like Jeff is arguing that
> releasing 4.0 in 2 months isn't worth the effort of evaluating it, because
> it's a big task and there's not enough stuff in 4.0 to make it worthwhile.
More like "not enough stuff in 4.0 to make it worthwhile for the people I
personally know to be willing and able to find the weird bugs".

> If that is the case, I'm not quite sure how increasing the surface area of
> changed code which needs to be vetted is going to make the process any
> easier.

It changes the interest level of at least some of the people able to
properly test it from "not willing" to "willing".

Totally possible that there exist people who are willing and able to find
and fix those bugs, who just haven't committed to it in this thread. That's
probably why Sankalp keeps asking who's actually willing to do the testing
on June 2 - if nobody's going to commit to doing real testing on June 2,
all we're doing is adding inconvenience to those of us who'd be willing to
do it later in the year.

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