cassandra -
cassandra-builds -
cassandra-dtest - no git-wip usage found.

URL update for the DSL seed job repo should be the only change needed
there, after the above cassandra-builds commit.

The only other consideration I can think of after migration is checking
the git.a.o bare and github mirror post-commit hooks work as expected.


On 1/4/19 2:00 PM, Jonathan Haddad wrote:
> Silence can be interpreted either as non-awareness or implicit approval.
> I interpreted (and meant) +1 as "go for it now".
> On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 8:48 AM Sam Tunnicliffe <> wrote:
>> Yeah, I wasn’t really proposing a vote as like you said, it’s happening
>> anyway. I was just going to give a few days for people to chime in about
>> timings, seeing as some may still be afk after holidays etc. I’ll give it a
>> little while to at least maintain the illusion of waiting for consensus,
>> but filing the JIRA early next week SGTM.
>> Thanks,
>> Sam
>>> On 4 Jan 2019, at 16:24, Michael Shuler <> wrote:
>>> This change will be forced on Feb 7, so a vote isn't really relevant :)
>>> I'm in favor of sooner is better. Things are relatively quiet right now,
>>> post-holidays. Let's do it Monday, for example, and we can work through
>>> the config changes while most people are fresh from a break.
>>> The longer we wait, the more things people have in flight and they get
>>> bothered about being interrupted. Just interrupt ASAP, IMO.
>>> Michael
>>> On 1/4/19 4:49 AM, Sam Tunnicliffe wrote:
>>>> As per the announcement on 7th December 2018[1], ASF infra are
>>>> planning to shutdown the service behind and
>>>> migrate all existing repos to
>>>> There are further details in the original mail, but apparently one of
>>>> the benefits of the migration is that we'll have full write access
>>>> via Github, including the ability finally to close PRs. This affects
>>>> the cassandra, cassandra-dtest and cassandra-build repos (but not the
>>>> new cassandra-sidecar repo).
>>>> A pre-requisite of the migration is to demonstrate consensus within
>>>> the community, so to satisfy that formality I'm starting this thread
>>>> to gather any objections or specific requests regarding the timing of
>>>> the move.
>>>> I'll collate responses in a week or so and file the necessary INFRA
>>>> Jira.
>>>> Thanks, Sam
>>>> [1]

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