Hey all,
We've gotten the cqlsh tests running in the Cassandra repo (these are distinct 
from the cqlsh tests in dtests repo). They're in Python 2.7 and using the 
nosetests. We'd like to make them consistent with the rest of the tests which 
means moving them to Python 3 & Pytest framework. However this would involve 
migrating cqlsh to Python 3. Does anybody have any concerns if we move cqlsh to 
Python 3? Please note that Python 2 is EOL'd and will be unsupported in about 
10 months.
So here are the options -
1. Leave cqlsh in Python 2.7 & nosetests. Just make sure they're running as 
part of the build process.2. Move cqlsh to Python 3 & pytests.3. Leave cqlsh in 
Python 2.7 but move to Pytests. This option doesn't really add much value 

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