Hello, I'm resuming work on Python 3 support for cqlsh (CASSANDRA-10190).
As discussed before, the plan for this work is to get it working on Python
3 while keeping it compatible with Python 2.7.

I'd like to settle on a Python 3 release to be our officially supported
tested version. It would be burdensome for the project to test and maintain
cqlshlib on more than one Python 3 release.

I recommend we pick the longest supported stable release available. That
would be Python 3.7, which is planned to get its last release in 2023, four
years from now.
- Python 3.5 was planned to get its last major release yesterday
- Python 3.6 is planned to get its last major release in December 2021,
about three years from now

Any feedback on picking a tested Python version for cqlshlib? I'm inclined
to focus on Python 3.7 as we push toward finishing the ticket.

Patrick Bannister

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