On 3/18/19 9:06 PM, Patrick Bannister wrote:
> I recommend we pick the longest supported stable release available. That
> would be Python 3.7, which is planned to get its last release in 2023, four
> years from now.
> - Python 3.5 was planned to get its last major release yesterday
> - Python 3.6 is planned to get its last major release in December 2021,
> about three years from now
> Any feedback on picking a tested Python version for cqlshlib? I'm inclined
> to focus on Python 3.7 as we push toward finishing the ticket.

The correct method of choosing this would be to target runtime
functionality on the version in the latest LTS release of the likely
most-used OS. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes with python-3.6.5. I would think it
highly likely that if it runs properly on 3.6, it should run on 3.7
fine. Using some 3.7-only feature/syntax and making it difficult on
people to install/use on Ubuntu LTS would be user-unfriendly.


There is not a similar CentOS package search, but I see a couple docs
say that python-3.6 is available via the SCL repository for this OS. I
do not see a 3.7 installation noted.

Shoot for the lowest common denominator in real world usage, not the
latest release from upstream. Super strong opinion, here.


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