OVS integration for GRE overlay tunnels is currently broken in both master and 
4.2. Till 4.1, Network Manager will loop through all the network elements for 
NIC prepare and release so, OVS network element had chance to participate in 
the NIC prepare/release operations. This behaviour in network orchestrator is 
changed to loop through only network elements that are service providers for 
the network which is right way to do, but OVS network element is not called due 
to this. I am planning to fix it by making Ovs network element as service 
provider for 'Connectivity' service. This is in consistence with design of 
other SDN controllers integrated in CS. So, to use GRE isolation, additional 
step is required to create a network offering with 'Ovs' as connectivity 
service provider. Any concerns with this approach?

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