Hi All,

Just opened this new bug, impacting 4.9.2:

And here’s a summary of some other VR related open issues I’ve noticed too:

CLOUDSTACK-9692 Reset password service is not running on Redundant virtual 
CLOUDSTACK-9712 Establishing Remote access VPN is failing due to mismatch of 
preshared secrets post Disable/Enable VPN.
CLOUDSTACK-9735 VPN clients fail to authenticate when the password contains '#'
CLOUDSTACK-9739 Network Update (editing n/w domain) to RVR NW fails to deploy 
rendundant VR's.
CLOUDSTACK-9745 IPtable nat rules are not cleaned up on router, post disabling 
static nat on Public IP
CLOUDSTACK-9747 Network Update with new N/W offering retains rules on UI but 
cleans up on Router
CLOUDSTACK-9761 Custom NW offering with Default Egress policy as " Allow" : new 
ICMP rule is created as "accept" instead of " DROP"
CLOUDSTACK-9878 Remote Access VPN that losing connection when new network 
configs are introduced

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