Hi Sean,

The 'problem' with VM HA in KVM is that it relies on the parent host agent to 
be connected to report that the VM is down.  We cannot assume that just because 
a host agent is disconnected, that the VMs on that host are not running. 

This is where HOST HA comes in, this feature detects loss of connection to the 
agent and then tries to determine if the VMs on that host are active and then 
attempts some corrective action.

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Paul Angus

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Subject: System VMs not migrating when host down

Hi all,

We are testing VM HA and are having a problem with our system VMs (secondary 
storage and console) not being started up on another host when a host fails.

Shouldn't the system VMs be VM HA-enabled?  Currently they are just in an 
"Alert" agent state, but never migrate.  We are currently running 4.9.3.


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