On 18/feb/2011, at 20.28, Reinhard Pötz wrote:

> I had to comment the usage of the Log*Transformers in the sample sitemap 
> because they break the integration tests (run it.sh or it.bat from C3's root 
> directory). The problem is that the logfile is written to the file system 
> which doesn't work in a multi-module build (<map:parameter name="logfile" 
> value="target/logasxml.log" /> -> there is no target directory at the base 
> directory).
> IMO the best idea would be changing the transformer configurations to use 
> System.out but the current implementations close the output stream in their 
> finish methods. That's of course useful for FileOutputStreams but mustn't 
> happen for System.out.
> IMO the best solution would be wrapping the usage of System.out with Commons 
> IO's CloseShieldOutputStream 
> (http://s.apache.org/commons-io-close-shield-outputstream). However, this 
> would introduce a dependency of cocoon-sax on commons-io which should be 
> avoided for a minor use case like this.
> I see two possible solutions:
> a) move the Log*Transformers to cocoon-optional and wrap the usage
>   of System.out with the CloseShieldOutputStream
> b) implement the CloseShield functionality ourselves and leave them
>   where they are.
> I would prefer option a) because it's the simpler solution and leads to less 
> code.

What if we choose a third option, like changing



                if (System.out.equals(this.outputStream)) {
                } else {

in the finish() body, for both transformers?

I made these simple modifications (in the attached patch) and, at least on my 
machine, the integration tests are running successfully.

Let me know if this solution is acceptable, thanks.


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