On 21/feb/2011, at 15.25, Simone Tripodi wrote:

> Hi all,
> Francesco's nomination has been accepted. He got 7 positive votes and
> no negative one. Congratulations Francesco and welcome!
> Francesco, it's a good tradition here to introduce yourself.

My name is Francesco Chicchiriccò, and my surname has been a tricky challenge 
since I was born in 1977, every time that I had to get in touch with any public 
office; the advent of Internet made things even more cumbersome, despite of 
Unicode effort :-)

Linux addict since 1997, I am Italian (and proud to be), married with a lovely 
wife called Cinzia, father of a wonderful boy called Davide. Since I was a 
child I've always loved comics and music, playing bass guitar in a few metal 
rock bands with some friends.

About Computer Science, I got a master degree in 2001 in L'Aquila, after six 
months spent at Nokia Research Center in Heksinki.
Since then I've been working as developer, analyst and architect for some 
companies until I've established in 2004 my first IT company (ePOSSE, now 
Everett Italia - http://www.everett.it). In these days I am about to start a 
brand new Open Source based company, Tirasa - http://www.tirasa.net, aiming to 
speed up the development and the adoption of Syncope Open Source IdM - 

In 2006 I had the chance to meet Gianugo Rabellino, at a common customer's 
place, that introduced to me the word of Apache Software Foundation in general 
and Cocoon in particular. Given the fact that Cocoon 2.1 had an almost vertical 
learning curve, I've been fascinated by the upsetting beauty of its 
architecture and potential.

Besides Cocoon, I've been contributing to some other projects like Sync4j (now 
Funambol), OpenAM - http://forgerock.com/openam.html and Hippo CMS - 

> Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

My personal thanks to Simone for trying to involve me in the development of 
Cocoon 3, the latest evolution of concepts and principles I've been loving for 

As I've already told to PCM members, it is an honor for me to join the 
development of this project.
I wish I'll be able to contribute at best of my capabilities.


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